Duke’s Taste Tour

February 25, 2010 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

Dukes taste tour trailer


Duke’s Mayonnaise is a Southeastern regional brand and has an impressive share in its core markets. Quite simply, Duke’s Mayonnaise tastes better than the competition. Focus groups have shown that if we can get people to sample the smooth and creamy taste of Duke’s, they’ll make the switch from their current brand and put Duke’s in their kitchen. The challenge was to help introduce Duke’s to new consumers and gain penetration in to growth markets.


To grow the brand, we needed to reach consumers in targeted opportunity markets. Cross-referencing a list of desirable markets, Sports Strategies created a mobile sampling tour that leveraged Duke’s involvement in major sporting events (NASCAR races, SEC Football) as well as heavily attended community events such as festivals, fairs, women’s shows and the like. These sponsorships helped to build brand equity, but most importantly they created the opportunity for people taste foods made with Duke’s, take home samples and learn more about the brand. In addition to attending these large events, the Duke’s Taste Tour also visited local retailers and impacted consumers at their point of purchase.


To date, the Duke’s Taste Tour has visited dozens of major community events introducing the brand to new markets, new consumers and influencing key retailer customers. During an average 10 week span, we’ll distribute approximately 60,000 wet samples so consumers can sample Duke’s taste on the spot. We’ll also distribute up with 200,000+ mini-jar samples and coupons so they can try Duke’s in their own kitchen and save when they go to buy it in the store. The Duke’s Taste Tour has been such a success that it has hit the road for four consecutive years.

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