Snausages – Baseball

February 25, 2010 by Chris · Leave a Comment 


Snausages dog snacks are all about having fun with your dog. Our challenge was to help bring the brand to life while helping generate awareness and trial.


Baseball is the National pastime and what better way to watch the ballgame than with your trusty dog by your side. Thanks to Snausages, our program allowed dog owners to not just watch the games at home on TV, but now they could actually bring their dog to the ballpark and cheer on the hometown team….together! Based upon market relevance for the brand, targeted retailer presence and the popularity & cooperativeness of the teams, Sports Strategies aligned Snausages with key Major League and Minor League Baseball teams.

Each team hosted a Snausages Dog Day in the Park (where dogs could attend) and included appearances by Snocrates (brand mascot), doggie contests, a doggie bag of goodies for the dogs and more. Partnerships with local animal shelters were developed to extend the program’s reach and donations were raised to support their efforts. Also, consumer promotions offered prizing and discounted tickets to help activate with retail customers.


Snausages Dog Days in the Park were a big hit! Hundreds of dogs (and their owners) attended each of our events. The wonderful imagery of dogs at the ballpark and the charitable tie-in resulted in tremendous media coverage for the brand. Retail partners were secured in each market and led to an 18% increase in case sales. The combination of all factors led to a post event surveys of brand perception showing 76% responding “more favorably”…..woof!

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