Snausages – NFL

February 25, 2010 by Chris · Leave a Comment 

Snausages NFL packaging


Snausages is a leader in the dog snack category. It has a very successful base product (shape/flavor) and has introduced several rotational products to spurn incremental seasonal sales. The brand was looking for an exciting promotion to help drive one of its rotational products: Snausages Footballs.


Since the Snausages brand is all about having fun and humanizing the dog, we developed a program that would let owners and their dogs celebrate together when their team scores a touchdown by treating with Snausages footballs. Sponsorships of targeted NFL teams were created to make an impact in important markets for the brand and key retailers. Team logos and trademarks were used to create limited edition packaging and display materials that helped draw attention to the products in-store. An added-value program encouraged consumers to send pictures of their dog dressed in team regalia for their dog’s chance to be shown as an MVP (most valuable pooch) on team websites and stadium video boards. Charitable tie-ins, co-branded advertising support and hospitality opportunities rounded out the program and helped secure retail merchandising support.


This NFL promotion created big opportunities for the Snausages brand. It delivered a high profile program that could leverage the power of the NFL to draw attention to Snausages Footballs.

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